Baseball Batting Gloves

Art no:FS-SG-0116


  • Baseball Batting Gloves Custom
    Nonslip Palm: Enhanced grip for a more stable swing
    and decreased hand slippage during swing.
    Air Mesh Back: Offers breathability and added comfort.
    PNP Personalized Name Plate: Allows you to write player’s
    name for a personalized option.
    Quick Adjust Strap: Designed to give you a quick and secure fit.
    A great value batting glove full of premium features. A non-slip
    palm enhances your grip for a more stable swing. A Quick adjust
    strap gives players a quick and secure fit. Designed with an Air mesh
    back for increased flexibility and breathability. Wristband made with a PNP (Personalized Number Plate) to give players a customization option.


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